An explainer video is a short animated video commonly used by businesses to tell their brands' stories quickly in a simple and memorable way. They can make your brand stand out amongst competition while keeping viewers engaged, great for explaining a product or service to increase purchase.

Some statistics

  • A 2015 study by Google saw a 30% increase in app sales purely through the use of explainer video.
  • Facebook reported video explainers to increase purchase intent from 44% to 72% and brand awareness from 32% to 65%.
  • A report by LinkedIn in 2018 said "They also earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. Plus, early findings from LinkedIn's beta program show that LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members."

The benefits

  • Convert more website visits and social media views into leads 
  • Explain your brand in seconds
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Get complex messages across in a simple and easy to understand way
  • Attract multiple customers at once
  • Engage visitors and viewers with the power of storytelling
  • Raise the quality of current leads 

We make great explainer videos happen
It's a straightforward process that does not have to involve any new video or photography, expensive storyboarding or significant time and effort at the client end. 

We don't re-write the story
When delivering a brand message or product information (unless provided), we look at existing content together with a client brief and build engaging explainers, helping attract buyers instantly and convert visitors into customers.

Budget-friendly video
Because we work from existing branding, website text, imagery/photography (unless provided) and use stock music we can keep costs affordable. The first video explainer we do takes the most time, but other videos or sets of video can work out more cost-effective as time can be saved on start, end and overall format duplication.

Return on investment 
A video explainer can easily cover its costs, its simple maths – take the current sales without and imagine the increase based on the studies and reports that have been done and it's easy to see how risk-free they can be.

Symphony View


Communication is something that is critical right now,  to get the message out Titman Firth developed a video explainer for Symphony...

Gifted Philanthropy View
Gifted Philanthropy

Gifted Philanthropy

Titman Firth added intro and ending sequences to a series of webinars, video messages plus developed generic and seasonal video explainers for Gifted Fundraising Consultants...

Google saw a 30% increase in app sales purely through the use of explainer video.


100% bespoke artwork 
Like all our design, we don't work off templates; hence our video explainers are 100% unique. This not only helps towards the end goal of increasing sales and product understanding but often the design work within the video can be used to make developments or improvement to core brand/design identity.

We won't ask you to be constantly involved 
We are used to doing communication audits and re-branding projects for clients, so we know how to evaluate a brand. So even if you don't have brand guidelines or content prepared, with a short verbal brief, we can go away and come up with a video. We work off the existing website and offline client material and provide a preview with the opportunity for changes and will never put a video live without approval first.

No need for special video or website players
Firstly all the leading social media's allow you to upload video – so when scrolling through posts, video explainer based posts jump out. Secondly, most websites with content management enable video to be placed easily. And thirdly it is easy to upload to YouTube, Vimeo or similar and place online.

Get a video that's right for your business.
Impress customers and clients with your products and services presented in a really professional and up-to-date way at a fraction of the cost of traditional video.

Specialists in branding and identity 
Not only can we provide great video explainers we are graphic design and branding experts that can bring this extra level of expertise to the videos we produce.

Keep viewers engaged 
Unlike traditional corporate website video that is often long and boring, video explainers are short but effective at delivering the right information quickly and efficiently.

Quick turnaround 
Because no new video or photography is required, music is sourced from stock and we keep the story and copywriting in-house, a video explainer can be produced in around two weeks from start to finish.

Always be kept up-to-date
Schedule and deadlines are not something to be worried about, and we have an excellent track record of client communication and scheduling of work to meet deadlines.

Video explainers increase purchase intent from 44% to 72% and brand awareness from 32% to 65%.