Gifted Fundraising - A new book designed and printed by Titman Firth

Gifted Fundraising - A new book designed and printed by Titman Firth

Gifted Philanthropy deliver multi-million pound fundraising programmes that produce meaningful gifts, not just donations.

So, in creating their brand and first book, we knew the design would need to represent the company’s values and mission: excellence in professional standards; innovative planning and results-focused fundraising advice.

The book was co-authored by Gifted’s directors, Andrew Day, Chris Goldie and Amy Stevens. Here is the book's foreword writer by Andrew Day, Chief Executive - Gifted Philanthropy Ltd:

This book is designed to be a practical guide for Third Sector fundraisers who are seeking to transform donations into meaningful gifts. It’s been written as a collaborative perspective by our founding directors, who share decades of experience and together see transformational philanthropy as our life’s work.

The advice is drawn from the partnerships we’ve shared with remarkable people, doing extraordinary things in the very different communities they serve. In many ways, it’s a humbling tribute to all that they’ve taught us and a testament to our belief that anyone can be a philanthropist.

The Third Sector is facing interesting times. New regulations, economic uncertainty and a shifting political landscape invite many well-rehearsed reasons not to go out and raise money. Yet significant opportunities clearly exist to advance worthwhile plans, if the will can be found to address the fundraising conundrum.

Our experience is that being a professional fundraiser today is more challenging, relevant and exciting than it’s ever been. We hope this book demonstrates why the business of philanthropy is so important and provides the advice you need to take the next, confident step in your fundraising journey.

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You can view a portfolio of the branding and other materials here

"Communications are at the centre of successful fundraising, so selecting a partner that has the proven experience to deliver is vital. Titman Firth has consistently surprised and delighted our clients with the quality of their creative concepts, attention to detail in production and reliability to deliver. We love their work so much that the Titman Firth team were our first choice to give life to the Gifted Philanthropy brand and to provide innovative and exciting marketing initiatives as our business grows."

Andrew Day, Chief Executive - Gifted Philanthropy Ltd

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