Treetops Hospice Care

Treetops Hospice Care

We have created a fundraising campaign logo and offline materials for Treetops Hospice Care to raise £5 million to cover building works for a new 12-bed onsite facility. 


Treetops Hospice Care provides respite and end of life care for adults in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The campaign called The Lime Tree Campaign is set to raise £5 million to cover building works for a new 12-bed facility onsite to help alleviate the extraordinary pressures on overstretched wards, by freeing up acute hospital beds and delivering local end of life care, in the right setting with the right outcomes. A proportion of the costs are to fund the additional nursing team and revenue needed for the first two years of operation. This represents the most ambitious capital project that Treetops has ever undertaken.


The new campaign logo and branding is to be suitable for use alongside the current hospice logo. It is to build on the existing ‘tree’  style of logo used by the hospice’s generic brand but add a more modern twist and approach. The branding and supporting imagery is to reflect the hospice’s natural surroundings of woodland trees that create a home for wildlife and a sense of being sheltered by nature itself.  The grounds feature an ancient lime tree which according to mythology the Lime or Linden tree often appears as a symbol of love and justice which resonates deeply with the aims and ambitions for the new In-Patient Unit.


A simple lime tree symbol with natural green tones brings a contemporary feel to the branding which features line drawing images set against woodland photography. The use of dark green as a primary colour background continues the woodland theme around the imagery and allows for a reversed out version of the logo to be used. 

The line drawings show patients with families and care being given and are accompanied by relevant quotations in parallel curves. 

The photography features woodland through the seasons emphasising constant care throughout the year.


The decision to use illustration line drawings avoids detailed images of patients and relative/family identification issues, more so it avoids the distraction of particular age or style and opens up each scene to all to interpret more relevantly.

The campaign materials include branding guidelines, 8 page landscape brochure, stationery, scale of giving, pledge form and response cards. 

The branding and line drawing theme has been designed in a way that post campaign it could be developed to form new generic branding and promotion for the hospice.