St Paul's Knightsbidge

St Paul's Knightsbidge

St Paul’s Knightsbridge, an Anglican Church in London’s West End, is a lively 21st-century church of Anglo-Catholic tradition. Titman Firth have produced some initial event invites ahead of a number of future projects.


Built in 1843 St Paul’s Church Knightsbridge, based in London’s West End, is a 21st-century church who's mission is:

  • To deepen our life in Christ though worship, study, prayer and relationship
  • To provide excellence of pastoral care and worship
  • To speak confidently and openly about Christ in 21st century Belgravia
  • To be inwardly attentive and outwardly focussed




To produce a set of campaign invitations to current brand guidelines while keeping in mind how the design will develop into future materials. When designing across different formats design consistency is key and often overlooked.


Keeping to brand and applying extra attention to detail and spacing was key in giving the invites the presence they need. It would have been all to easy to fill the entire space but as is often the case with good design allowing the right amount of white space is essential.


A set of attractive invites which resulted in good attendance figures for each event, all on-brand and consistent.

Below are further examples...