Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

We facilitated a full re-brand for Peterborough Cathedral in 2009. Since then, we have developed the cathedral’s marketing materials togther with literature in order to support a £10 million fundraising campaign, reaching £8 million as of January 2017, with a public appeal set to raise the remaining £2 million.


Peterborough Cathedral, built in 1118–1237, is a stunning cathedral found in the city centre of Peterborough. It is famous for being the burial place of Katherine of Aragon and Mary Queen of Scots and known for its impressive West Front (façade) which has three large arches. With a nave length of 147m and a height of 44m, it's one of the largest in the UK.


The existing logo was dated and used in a mix of formats and different colours. It reflected the cathedral poorly and promotional materials did not communicate with the target audience. At that time, previously commissioned agencies had failed to provide logo and branding solutions that inspired or worked across all formats.  


We facilitated a full re-brand for Peterborough Cathedral, starting with a new logo that combined familiar elements of the existing logo in a fresh and contemporary design and going on to create new branding elements and branding guidelines. A number of photoshoots followed, which we art directed. The new branding was then seamlessly applied through new literature, advertising, signage and on/offline communications.


The result was increased visitor footfall, a significant increase in service attendance and an upward trend in donations.

More recently we created a range of campaign materials to support a £10 million fundraising campaign which has raised £8 million as of January 2017, with a public appeal currently set to raise the remaining £2 million.

"One is given to understand that pride is a sin. In which case I'm happy to risk a spell down-under; because I cannot help but be proud of Titman Firth who contributed to the launch of the Development Campaign. It was real team effort, highly professional, presenting the Cathedral at it's best. So well done and very many thanks indeed! Same again next week?"
Charles Taylor, Dean of Peterborough.

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