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Full re-brand boosted
visitor numbers

+ 53%

New website
Users in 2021


Specialists in Analysis & Testing Instrumentation CN Tech provide sales support, service repair and lab supplies solutions across a diverse product range including surface analysis materials testing microscopy environmental isolation and laboratory supplies. In rebranding the company we focused on the high quality and technical aspects of the products and aligned the brand to reflect this enabling the look and feel of materials relevant to the target audience both on and offline.


The website is built on a database system allowing each product to be easily updated from the back end with front end benefits such as functionality options that include filtering. Another benefit is standalone information segments such as manufacturer detail that appears in multiple places but is just updated in one. The menu system incorporates image based sub sections and product pages that feature extensive content and downloadable brochures. Complex comparison tables are also built into some product landing pages together with products specification tables throughout.


Consistency and accuracy of product information is key, so reinforcing the product categories through advertising does a good job at aiding customers in finding the products they require as well as showcasing the broad range adding confidence and security. Single product adverts follow with similar images and branding treatment in line with website content.



The core brand image theme centres around facial images of the target audience in a natural workplace setting, partly to add relevance and familiarity but also to bring to life the products and hint at showing them in use. Deliberate is the omission of products so not to make the hero images time sensitive while creating a difference and change of pace between them and the products. The dark style is photo re-touched to emphasise the CN Tech brand colours of black with red coming through with the use of the logo icon ghosted on top.


An animated version of the logo has been created and teamed up with a lens flare effect to provide an eye catching intro for use at the start of product videos.